Alberta Environmental Network

The Alberta Environmental Network (AEN) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization comprised of groups throughout the province dedicated to helping preserve and protect Alberta's environment. The AEN's purpose is to facilitate the sharing of information & resources among member groups, and to assist them in taking common action. AEN also promotes awareness of environmental issues & activities with stakeholders & the general public. AEN facilitates member group meetings and the participation of member groups in meetings and consultation with government and/or industry.

Alberta Wilderness Association

Dedicated to the conservation of wilderness and the completion of a protected areas network, Alberta Wilderness Association is a voice for the environment. Since 1965, AWA has inspired communities to care for Alberta’s wild spaces through awareness and action. With a provincial office and library in Calgary, AWA has active members, volunteers, and sponsors throughout Alberta and beyond. AWA is a non-profit, federally registered, charitable society.

Boundary Creek Landowners Association

The Boundary Creek Landowners Association (BCLA) is a group of landowners and residents in the Boundary Creek area of Cardston County, Alberta concerned with changing land use in our area and the preservation of natural habitat. The Association addresses these concerns by sharing knowledge and engaging the community, and all levels of government, in a thoughtful discussion of the long term future of the area.

Castle Crown Wilderness Coalition

Since 1989, the CCWC has worked to protect the Castle Wilderness in south west Alberta.   Today CCWC members continue to strive for protection of this internationally important area, which extends northward from Waterton Lakes National Park and is an essential part of one of the only two secure cross border corridors linking wild species in Canada and the United States.


 City of Lethbridge

 Lethbridge news, information and links to city government.

Clean Air Strategic Alliance

The Clean Air Strategic Alliance is a multi-stakeholder alliance composed of representatives selected by industry, government and non-government organizations to provide strategies to assess and improve air quality for Albertans, using a collaborative consensus process.

Environment Lethbridge

Launched in January 2014, this organization aims to be the information hub to make it easier for citizens and businesses to go green. Once fully engaged, the focus of Environment Lethbridge will be to increase community awareness and engagement, work toward removing barriers that keep people from adopting sustainable practices, advise City Council on environmental issues and evaluate sustainability policies for Lethbridge.


Environmental Law Centre

The ELC’s vision is a clean, healthy and diverse environment protected through informed citizen participation and sound law and policy, effectively applied. Its mission is to ensure that laws, policies and legal processes protect the environment.


The Field Notes Collective

The Field Notes Collective is a collective of art professionals and scientists working in the Southern Alberta area who are bound by a shared set of social, environmental and cultural concerns. The mandate of the Collective is to foster dialogue and action through the staging of cross-disciplinary events, engaging with matters of local and regional interest.


 Greener Choices, Working Toward A Sustainable Food System

GreenerChoices, launched on Earth Day 2005 by Consumers Union, the non-profit publisher of Consumer Reports, is a Web-based initiative to inform, engage, and empower consumers about environmentally-friendly products and practices. offers an accessible, reliable, and practical source of information on buying “greener” products that have minimal environmental impact and meet personal needs.


Oldman Watershed Council

The Oldman Watershed Council, or OWC, is a community-based, not-for-profit that works with everyone to find practical solutions to environmental challenges that impact us all.  People depend on a healthy environment but we also need a healthy economy and we have social and cultural needs too.  Everything is connected so we must work together to make trade-offs, solve problems, plan for the future and have the quality of life we want right now.


Wasteless - A project of Environment Lethbridge

The focus of this project is to create an innovative, educational platform on the impact of waste disposal and making the case for waste reduction in Lethbridge. Three phases share the context of waste in Lethbridge, reduction of recylable materials, and reduction of food waste. These interactive presentations generalize well with any municipal setting.


Waterton Biosphere Reserve


Located in the southwestern corner of Alberta, the Waterton Biosphere Reserve [WBR] is one of only 16 biosphere reserves in Canada. The WBR area encompasses some of the most spectacular and ecologically diverse landscapes in the Canadian Rockies and prairie grasslands.

The Waterton Biosphere Reserve is a living demonstration of the value we place on our natural and cultural resources, our traditional livelihoods, and our commitment to work together as good stewards of the land we hope to pass on to future generations.