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Oki.  We respectfully acknowledge that SAGE meets on the traditional lands of Piikani, Kainai & Siksika, members of Siksikaitsitapi (Blackfoot Confederacy) and the homelands of Métis Nation of Alberta, Region III.  We are grateful for their keeping of these lands and waters - past, present & future.


The Latest:

Lethbridge Municipal Election 2021

SAGE in collaboration with the Climate Hub Southern Alberta (CHSA) has endorsed the following candidates based on their responses to an environmental survey:

Mayor: (in alphabetical order)

Bridget Mearns
Stephen Mogdan


Kelti Baird
Marissa Black
Jeff Carlson
Belinda Crowson
Jerry Firth
Ryan Parker
Jenn Schmidt-Rempel
Robin Walker

To see the survey and the candidate responses (Go to Index)

For more on each candidate (Visit the City of Lethbridge website)


Municipal Election – Voting with Environment in Mind.

We are looking down the barrel of a climate emergency. The scale of this crisis is daunting, and it can be frightening to think about; however, doing nothing is no longer an option. Our leaders need to take bold action in guiding us down the right path, and this leadership needs to happen at all three levels of government. Of the three levels, municipal governments are on the front lines, dealing with the everyday impacts of a rapidly changing and destabilizing climate. Local governments are closest to the people and, therefore, the most responsive to their needs.

On October 18, you will have the opportunity to vote for the leaders that will move our city forward. Leaders whose decisions will leave a legacy that will last far beyond the four years they are elected to serve. When deciding who to vote for, consider our natural world and who we can trust to steward us through the climate emergency. Our environment sustains every aspect of our society. Our climate can either foster our prosperity or bring our economy to a dusty halt. We need leaders who will unapologetically implement policies to address climate mitigation, adaptation, and biodiversity loss. 

To inform the voting public of our municipal candidate's policy stances regarding these issues, the Southern Alberta Group for the Environment (SAGE) designed a municipal candidate survey in collaboration with the Climate Hub of Southern Alberta (CHSA). This survey allowed candidates to outline their commitment to policies focused on the climate crisis, their readiness to protect and enhance local biodiversity, and their alignment with the recently enacted Municipal Development Plan (Bylaw 6265 approved June 29, 2021). Respondents articulated their support for policies that will go a long way in moving Lethbridge down the path of long-term environmental sustainability. We invite you to review the survey responses in full on our website. Don't forget to check out the City of Lethbridge's election webpage lethbridge.ca/election to get more information on each candidate. To the candidates that participated in our survey, thank you!

SAGE provides these survey results to help inform your decision in voting on October 18 for municipal leaders in Lethbridge who will work to safeguard our collective future and a stable climate. SAGE is a leading voice for a healthy and sustainable community. Please, visit our website at sage-environment.org


Water Management a Key Issue in Municipal Election
Published 09 October 2021 The Lethbridge Herald (link)

Candidates for election to municipal office in southern Alberta are well advised to consider the future of water use for the communities they represent and for the environment. A summer of rapidly melting glaciers, extreme heat, little to no rainfall, and low river flow resulted in water shortage advisories, declared states of agricultural emergency, cut-off of water to irrigators, and curtailed recreation experiences for canoeists and fishers. More drought stress is predicted as climate changes. Nonetheless work is proceeding on the “single largest irrigation expansion in Alberta’s history” in the absence of public consultation and environmental impact assessment.

The $815 million agreement among eight irrigation districts, the UCP government and the Canadian Infrastructure Bank to expand irrigation agriculture by 15 per cent in the Bow and Oldman river basins was announced in December 2020 as a done deal.

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Voters need to make the right choice for environment.
Published in The Lethbridge Herald 25 August 2021 (click here)

The first international effort to understand the impact of releasing massive amounts of carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere from the burning of oil, gas and coal was published in 1990. Over thirty years later, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change continues to publish the synthesis of climate research based on the efforts of thousands of scientists worldwide. The latest report continues to tell the same message as previous ones, only with much greater clarity. It’s not looking good. ...

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Nathan Neudorf's letter muddies the waters.
Published 19 08 21 The Lethbridge Herald (click here)

I agree with MLA Nathan Neudorf’s opening statement in his Aug. 13 column from the Legislature that “in southern Alberta water truly is one of our most precious resources, and its safety, protection, and allocation are a key priority for all of us.” Unfortunately, the rest of his column muddies the waters.

The column fails to clarify that the Oldman River Basin Water Allocation Order (Order) its name does not apply to the entire Oldman River Basin but only to a reserve of 11,000 acre feet of water upstream of the Oldman reservoir from the upper Oldman, Castle and Crowsnest rivers. Water was reserved under the Order in 2003, just prior to closure of the entire basin to further water licences, as compensation to municipalities in the headwaters for flooding of agricultural land and other impacts from construction of the Oldman River dam. ...

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