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Oki.  We respectfully acknowledge that SAGE meets on the traditional lands of Piikani, Kainai & Siksika, members of Siksikaitsitapi (Blackfoot Confederacy) and the homelands of Métis Nation of Alberta, Region III.  We are grateful for their keeping of these lands and waters - past, present & future.

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To the City of Lethbridge, Community Safety Standing Policy Committee
(Submitted 04 January 2022)

Re: Light Nuisance Bylaw for Lethbridge

The Southern Alberta Group for the Environment (SAGE) supports the initiative being advanced by Rena Woss regarding the development of a Light Nuisance Bylaw for Lethbridge.

Light that trespasses into personal living spaces, including backyards, has negative impacts both to human wellbeing and the environment. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) organization identifies light as a form of pollution affecting people and the environment and as a potential source of energy-waste (with related greenhouse gas emissions). They recommend that external lighting be used only when and where they are required. And if external lighting is necessary that it is shielded from evading to the outside of the property. ...

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Fuchsia is Not My Colour

If you dared to look, what would you find in the dark recesses of your closet? Would you find the sequined scarf your Great Aunt bought you, the Pokemon tie from the kids, the frumpy sweater with a cougar applique gifted by your BFF? Remember the feigned joy, the forced smile, the hand on your heart and the I-Just-Love-It cry? Not surprisingly, it is estimated that more than $15.2 billion is wasted on unwanted gifts each year in the United States alone. Of this 43% is unwanted clothing and accessories. I know. Merry Christmas.

Unfortunately, a majority of these items end up in the landfill long before they are worn out. ...

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Water Stewardship in Alberta

Letter sent to Nathan Neudorf
13 December 2021


In summary, these three issues are interrelated. Water stewardship means: supporting strong federal legislation that protects our water; protecting our water from the threats of industrial contamination from coal mining in the province; and protecting the integrity of the natural environment upon which our tourism, recreation and our agricultural economy rely. Comprehensive land-use planning and cumulative effects management are strongly recommended to ensure the abundance and availability of clean water. Water is the lifeblood of southern Alberta and there are limits to its use and misuse. 

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Sent to the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada
8 December 2021

Comment on Montem Resources’ Tent Mountain Redevelopment Project

The Southern Alberta Group for the Environment (SAGE) requests that the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada establish a Joint Review Panel to evaluate the environmental impacts of the proposed Tent Mountain Redevelopment Project.  

An environmental impact assessment on the Tent Mountain Project should consider the following: ...

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