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Our success in realizing our goals is reliant on volunteers.

SAGE is non-profit, operating on a small annual budget obtained mostly through membership fees.

If you wish to support SAGE, to be regularly informed about local environmental matters and/or to work with others in addressing environmental issues in our community -- please join us. 

Annual membership is $25 for a single membership or family
& $15 for students.

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Please join us in protecting our environment and show your support by becoming a member of the Southern Alberta Group for the Environment!

Elizabeth Hall Wetlands
September 2019
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Recruiting Board Members for the Southern Alberta Group for the Environment

Concerned about the natural world? Indiscriminate resource development; profligate energy consumption; calamitous loss of biodiversity; portentous pollution of our air and water …? We are concerned, too.

SAGE is an active not-for-profit organization in the region working in Lethbridge and southern Alberta for nearly 40 years. We advocate for a healthy environment and participate in environmental planning processes, both locally and regionally. At SAGE, we inform ourselves about key challenges to environmental sustainability and work to inform others on the issues and ways to address them together.  

We are looking for Board members. 

SAGE meets about six times each year, and we are in regular communication by email to advance our mission. Board members are self-directed, focusing on individual projects with the support of the organization. If you have an interest in adding your knowledge or willing to learn about environmental issues … we welcome your valuable contribution.

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From our Board:

What has been your experience as a SAGE Board member?

Braum Barber

Since joining SAGE, I have had the opportunity to learn about a number of environmental issues through the guidance of more experienced members. I have an interest in energy and urban sustainability and have enjoyed being able to pursue these interests with the support of the organization. Really, any environmental issue that you have an interest in would be guided and strengthened by the group. I have also appreciated the compassion, intelligence and professionalism that SAGE extends to the community. It is my pleasure to be a part of SAGE.

Klaus Jericho

I joined SAGE shortly after it formed in 1984. Extremely rewarding experience:  To receive knowledge about my environment and to give knowledge back. Very rich information exchange. Information which falls on fertile ground and receives application.

Cheryl Bradley

I joined SAGE in 1992 shortly after moving to Lethbridge. SAGE has provided me the opportunity to engage with kindred spirits in our community who are concerned about environmental sustainability and interested in defining and advancing solutions to environmental challenges. My social networks have grown and I am grateful for the friendships that have evolved. Together we are able to accomplish much more than we would individually. Looking back over three decades I am heartened  by the accomplishments of SAGE in addressing issues related to air quality, water quality, waste management, river valley health and biodiversity protection. Acting locally helps to overcome the powerlessness one can feel in the face of overwhelming global issues such as climate change.

Lori Goater

Lori Goater has deep roots in southern Alberta. She was born and raised here and earned her Bachelor and Masters degrees in Biology from the University of Lethbridge. She is well informed on watershed science, having been employed as an academic and government researcher on topics of river health & ecology, with a particular focus on the impacts of regulated river flows on riparian poplar forests. Lori worked for the Province to determine environmental flows needed to sustain aquatic and riparian environments of the South Saskatchewan River Basin.

Lori is married to a professor of biology who also studies aquatic systems, and they have made their home on 20 acres of native prairie along the Oldman River. Here they enjoy the trials and tribulations of raising their two children, surrounded by the great outdoors and a myriad of hobbies.

During her hiatus as a full-time mom, Lori has contributed to various non-profit projects & organizations, including SAGE. She currently represents SAGE as the Species and Habitat Conservation Director on the board for the Oldman Watershed Council. Previously, Lori has represented SAGE on the Milk River Species at Risk Recovery Team.