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Our success in realizing our goals is reliant on volunteer commitment.

SAGE is non-profit, operating on a small annual budget obtained mostly through membership fees.

If you wish to support SAGE, to be regularly informed about local environmental matters and/or to work with others in addressing environmental issues in our community -- please join us.  

Annual membership is $25 for a single membership or family
& $15 for students.

You can use the PayPal option on the left to sign up, or e-mail us.

If you would like to support SAGE in addition to, or instead of, signing up for membership, we welcome donations made either through our PayPal account or e-mail contact.


Questions?  Comments?  Please email us at:


Please join us in protecting our environment and show your support by becoming a member of the Southern Alberta Group for the Environment!

Elizabeth Hall Wetlands
September 2019
N.M. Photo